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October 29, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
Why on earth would people search for "Special Glasses Movies" and "I work at MacDonalds"??!

Makes me laugh.

I haven't blogged on here in a little while, but have just been enjoying reading other people's articles, if not always commenting. I suppose I don't have too much to write about at the moment.

I think I am now up to 4 bridesmaids and 1 pageboy with my wedding, so that will be interesting! I'm a little apprehensive about having a hen weekend, but I know that my maid of honour woul...
October 9, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
Exciting news (for me, anyway) - I'm getting married!! We've been engaged for 3 years now, and we have finally set the date: 27th May 2006.

Now what?!

I have chosen my maid of honour and my bridesmaids and page boy, and we have decided on the church, but that's about as much as I can do at the moment. It all comes down to stupid amounts of money in the end Any donations or wedding gifts greatfully received!!!

September 25, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
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September 13, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
I'm selling my car! I'm so happy about it that I had to share it with all of you

I decided to sell it yesterday after realising that my Dad's old pergeot is much less scary to drive than I thought, so I'll be having that one instead when I've sold my little Polo. I think I may have already found a buyer, too!

Well, that's my exciting, inane news for now. Smile for me, and catch you later!

September 3, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
I've been thinking to myself recently that I would really love to write a book. But then I run into a small problem - I have no idea how to do it! Maybe that sounds strange, but I can't quite get my brain around it.

Are there any writers out there who could give me a few tips?

Well, it would probably take me about 5 years to write, anyhow!

August 24, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
Before I dash off, I was wondering about different ways of talking, and figures of speech. I'm from the UK, so we have quite a few odd phrases being bandied about day to day (not that I know most of them!), and I was wondering what all of you out there in JU land have as your weird and wonderful day to day phrases! You might use them daily and not worry, but have a think about them - would they sounds downright freaky to someone not from "around here"?!

Example from Devon, UK: "Where's he to...
August 24, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
I've had a look back at a previous article of mine about missing people, and how it has sidetracked to people with disabilities. This got me thinking about some of the work I do with people with disabilities that mean they are wheelchair bound, or require a wheelchair for long distances.

Has anyone else noticed the weird phenomenon of wheelchair blindness? No, this is not actually a disability, but something I have noticed the public seem to have when confronted by someone in a chair. It's a...
August 24, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
I'm curious - is there a name for annoying bloggers like "wadeh", who suddenly fill up the recent articles with one after another articles? There are currently 7 in my list alone... is this a version of flaming?!

August 21, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
Insomnia is great, isn't it? I sit here at 6.30am, waiting for sleep to arrive, and I think it could be on the way. I know when I go to my bed soon that when I get into it, my head will still be swarming with ideas, and will take probably an hour or so to settle before I can drift off. I've always been this way - I want to go to sleep, but my head won't let me!

Sorry for the ramble, folks.

I went up to the Midlands last weekend, to visit my inlaws. Unfortunately for me, I had just started...
August 11, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
Is it sad, I ask myself, that I still have to go to my parents house to finish up my laundry? lol!

I still don't have a friggin drier, and it started to RAIN as I put my wet washing out on the line. Great.

Sorry for the mundane subject, but I'm bored!

August 6, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
Tonight, I have been looking at web pages on both serial killers, and also at missing persons. I find it sad that my first thought about most of the people on the missing persons websites is "They must be dead". What is wrong with this world that people either feel the need to disappear because they could not cope, or were ill, or indeed were kidnapped or murdered? It is so sad to me that in these times of greatly advanced technology, we cannot find these lost people, even if just to say to thei...
August 5, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
I have been thinking a lot recently about the people that have been part of my life, even if only for a short time, and then passed away. I feel that I would like to write a list of their names so that I can remember them. All these people touched my heart and my life, and then were gone.

Kim Gedge (friend at primary school, sudden death from asian flu)
Daniel Heard (client, doing amazingly well on new schizophrenic meds, then stopped taking them and was found in a river, miles away)
My los...
August 2, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
I thought I had better write a little more since I am a newbie blogger!

My topic today is why I take on so much? Why can't I say NO!

I am currently doing an NVQ level 3, starting an NVQ Assessors Award, and also doing a distance learning diploma in Counselling with Psychology and Psychotherapy. Along with those qualifications (if I ever finish them!), I'm working mostly at my restaurant, but also do some work on the side as a carer in the community. Now that I write it all down, it doesn'...
July 29, 2004 by Ariadne Calzanti
I think I may have just a small rant here, after a bad day at work. Why is it, I ask all you Joe's out there, that customers feel that when they use my restaurant they can demand what they want, and NOW! I had a particularly nasty "gentleman" come in today, and start demanding a cup of tea. It wasn't "Please could I have a cup of tea?", oh no. It was "Get me a cup of tea." Then because it wasn't there instantly (I have a new waitress), he starts shouting that we're the worst restaurant he's ever...
July 27, 2004 by Ariadne Devorah Calzanti
Well, hi there everyone. I'm Aria, or Ariadne, and I'm new to this JoeUser lark, so please be kind! There's certainly some interesting stuff on this site. It will take me a long while to read it all!

So, I think I will tell you all a little about me, just to get started.

I am a 28, soon to be 29 year old female, and bored. I own/jointly manage a small cafe/restaurant in the South West of England with my long term partner Fin. I mostly enjoy reading, but can be persuaded to go out and enjo...